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Portofino • 2018

A gentle balance between the artificial and nature, massive walls and the mountain, natural water and artificial fountains. A physical journey through  the history and evolution of the Iranian tradition. An elegant re- interpretation in a modern key of the Persian culture.
We took this shell and core project and turned the concept upside-down, modelling a new experience for the hotel guest by incorporating the surrounding nature and history within the building.
A great start for our new journey in a land rich in cultural and historical inspiration.

Client Consortium
ProRail, Ministry of Infrastructure & the Environment, the Municipality of Arnhem

Delegated principal

Stationsplein 38, Arnhem, The Netherlands

Building area
Site: ca. 40,000 m2
Floor area: ca. 160,000 m2

Transfer hall (station): 21,750 m², Underground parking: 44,000 m², Bus terminal: 7,500 m², Two office towers: 21,800 m², Public spaces: 45,000m²

Masterplan, Transfer hall, Underground parking, Bus terminal, Two office towers, Bicycle storage, Railway platforms

©Christian Richters, ©Ronald Tilleman, ©Frank Hanswijk, ©Ronald Tilleman, ©Siebe Swart

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